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               “The Phanu Fairies”


A delightful journey into a magical land of the beautiful Phanu Fairies, which starts with the parent fairies disappearing, leaving the fairies of the Shantoo Valley to choose a new leader of the Phanu Tribe. The tribe is divided on choosing the leader between their two eldest fairies, Samiah, the fairy of light and Yaneice, the dark fairy.

Yaneice is the eldest fairy in the land of Shantoo, and the eldest fairy is always heir to the throne of the fairy kingdom. Instead of choosing Yaneice, the fairies chose Princess Samiah to be their leader, because she is a fair and loving fairy. Yaneice become infatuated with trying to overthrow Princess Samiah, with the help of her two followers; Prudence and Medina. With their help, she concocts a scheme to disrupt the annual Phanu Festival.  However, Yaneice is tricked to believe that the location of the festival has changed. And while she and her followers are off to Mr. Flora, the Phanu Festival goes on in the Shantoo Valley without a hitch. When Yaneice realizes that she was tricked, she returns to the Shantoo Valley raging.


Delivering nonstop entertainment from start to finish with beautiful costumes and elaborate dance scenes.


Be ready to be entertained!